Thursday, February 15, 2007

So tornadoes swept through New Orleans a couple of nights ago - my good friend Kier was sleeping, and her house got hit, tearing the roof off of her home. She's fine, thank God. My sister Sandi's house was missed by 10 blocks, too.

Quote/link/news clip of the day: Fox News is starting a "Daily Show" copy that has a conservative slant, based ont eh concern that the Daily Show is just too dang liberal... which, of course, is ridiculous. ... remember the Clinton years? I have nothing really to say, this clip speaks for itself ... which is to say, I don't care about bias, as long as it's funny. And this, well, isn't. It's like Dennis Miller. The Daily Show might do more jokes about Bush than it does about Hillary (maybe, dunno about that one ... if she was president I'm sure she'd get it BAD), but thing is, this new show probably won't do ANY jokes about Bush at all. And that's just not good comedy. Once politics intrudes as a motive, it loses a lot of humorous credibility. Or something. Whatever.


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