Monday, February 26, 2007

Sick Daze

A nasty bout of the flu (round 2) took me out this weekend, and the weekend before that was Mardi Gras in exile, so you know how that goes. There's not much to talk about, as evidenced by the INCESSANT AND UNENDING MADNESS THAT IS THE ANNA NICOLE SMITH SPECTACLE.

How in God's name is this news? Geraldo can cover it, fine, it makes him look like the unserious journalist he is, but when CNN, the blogs and MSNBC can't seem to stop talking about ridiculous details about a nonceleb who no one in their right mind should care about, it makes a guy want to retreat from the world and ignore the media for awhile. It also makes some of us really, really angry ... because it's just something we have to put up with.

Props to Forrest, Scorsese and the rest. I think after they gave Three Six Mafia an Oscar last year, the Academy must've said, "Well, whatever Martin does next year, he wins the Oscar for it." I for one didn't think he deserved it for this. I didn't really enjoy The Departed. Maybe that makes me shallow. I dunno.