Friday, February 02, 2007

H Street Recovery

Today's quote-du-jour comes from a personal experience as the proud (renter) of a home a block off of the "H street corridor."

"At the epicenter of the District, the H Street neighborhood was part of L’Enfant’s original central Washington, DC design. From the late 19th century through most of the 20th, this 15-block quarter was one of the Capital City’s most thriving commercial and residential scenes. Members of Congress, Supreme Court Justices, Presidents, and the shopkeepers and families of everyday Washington strolled its charming sidewalks. Today, the District of Columbia is revitalizing the H Street quarter to include worldly new residences, Class A office space, eclectic shops, neighborhood clubs and restaurants, and a full-scale Arts and Entertainment community. It’s all part of the City’s Great Street Initiative. Even the streetcar line is returning."

.... they failed to mention the double-shooting that woke my roommate and I up two nights ago. Half a block away. And that whole "rioting destroying homes, businesses, etc" thing was left out of their history. Fifteen shots, by the way, in our estimate.

UPDATE: That's shooting, not murder, according to INKED ... woman was shot through the hand. Ouch.


inked said...

That would be double shooting, not double murder. The woman was shot in the hand (not so fatal).
There are some factual issues with the quote as well

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