Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Quote du jour: "Although an 18-year-old woman cannot legally purchase beer in Southern California, she can be paid a few hundred dollars to screw half a dozen men in a porn film without breaking any law." - Eric Schlosser, Reefer Madness
(Finished! - next book, 1776 by McCullough ... then on to Team of Rivals or maybe Catch-22)

The folks over at "Color of Change" (as vituperative and belligerent as they can be) are making sense about Liberman's Katrina dodge. Contact him and other Senators on the committee and put Katrina and New Orleans back on the map, literally.

"Ten months ago, Senator Joe Lieberman blasted the White House for obstructing a Senate committee's investigation into the federal response to Katrina. Now he controls that committee, but instead of forcing the White House to participate, he's called off the investigation altogether!

Lieberman is side-stepping his responsibility to hold the White House accountable and betraying the citizens of the Gulf Coast. Join us in calling him out and demanding that others in Congress conduct a full investigation if he won't: