Friday, November 21, 2008

All-Ugly Team NBA

My friends and I have been joking about the all-ugiest NBA team for years. You know, Sam Cassel, Chris Kaman, Adam "Trash Stash" Morris, Joakim Noah, and of course Andrei "I look just like the bad guy from the end of Ghostbusters/Annie Lennox/Kurt Warner's buttnasty wife" Kirilenko.

Turns out my favorite of the bunch, Chris Kaman, has been misdiagnosed as ADHD. He's off his meds and working with a neurosurgeon to slow his brain down, and it's resulted in him having the best year of his NBA career, putting up almost epic numbers (he was one block short of a triple-double against the nexts on Saturday)
Well, I'm happy for him ... but man, is he ugly.

Also, I think a couple of websites beat me to this all-ugly thing. But hey, that's a perfect example parallel invention, not copyright infringement. So sue me.